Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Keeping the building running is your first priority. Your engineers are uniquely qualified to do that.

How do you make it easy for them to communicate and analyze information from their rounds so that they can make the most of their limited time?

Rethink Maintenance Rounds.

SmartRounds makes it easy for your engineers to make note of potential issues and find trends in your building equipment’s performance history.

SmartTagging helps verify the engineer’s presence in front of the equipment when they take their reading. Ensure the quality of the rounds so they can find things the BAS doesn’t.

SmartGraphing allows you to quickly compare readings across your building to be able to find potential issues and diagnose problems the equipment is having.

When a deficiency is detected in the building, SmartRounds automatically generates a follow-up Remediation Job and adds it to the agenda – Making the remediation process efficient & simple.
Rethink Compliance.

Similar systems just monitor State agencies for violation notices, alerting you that your building received a fine.

Imagine a modernized system that proactively helps you avoid these fines altogether, with all you relevant building codes baked into the platform. Property Managers & Vendors alike can collaborate on projects, send updates, and much more without ever having to login – Using basic tools like Texts, Calendar and Emails. SmartCompliance is the solution you have been waiting for.

SmartSync is your customized compliance calendar that your team can import directly into their personal calendar application. Instead of remembering yet another login, with specialized links they can access Job/Phase specific portals to update projects, upload documents, and more.

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Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is the Chief Technology Officer and driving force behind Vitralogy’s Research and Development. Joe holds a degree in BioChemistry and started his career in Genetic Analysis before being enchanted by the tech boom and eventually building a highly successful Systems Integration company. In 2016 Joe sold his company to join Vitralogy at its earliest stages. With a vast knowledge base and a year of in depth research with leading Legionella Compliance experts including the renowned Special Pathogens Laboratory; Joe has been instrumental in building the Vitralogy platform around the complex and time-sensitive requirements of the law.