Legionella Compliance

Legionella Compliance

Regulatory and compliance requirements made easy.

Vitralogy offers a legionella and water safety plan compliance tool with live account management that you can integrate into your SmartCompliance platform. With our technology, you’ll always be in adherence with regulations so you can guarantee the health and safety of your building’s users.

We designed and built our cooling tower compliance tool to follow both ASHRAE 188-2018 and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standards, which means reliable and up-to-date legionella compliance and water safety plan implementation—no matter your industry.

Why does this matter?

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe, potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by legionella, a water-borne bacteria. Outbreaks of the disease happen in man-made water systems, such as cooling towers and fountains, where variables such as temperature, presence of biofilm, and other factors promote the growth of bacteria.

Prevention is a matter of proper maintenance, which is why it’s essential to have a tech-forward intervention plan that can track all the moving parts of compliance.

I need help with...

We offer:

A customizable Job
…so you can keep track of the whole team’s tasks
In-app communication and task assignment
…so you can collaborate with team members, including outside contractors
Weekly Exposure Reports
…so you can see which regulations are out of compliance and what processes were not followed to ensure quick mitigation
Inspection-ready Department of Health-approved Virtual Binder
…so you can keep documentation on you at all times
A personalized Account Management team
…so you can get reminders and important data analysis

Not Just an App

Our account management team will be there each step of the way, monitoring data for any patterns, tracking customizable metrics and KPIs, and reminding your team of what needs to get done. That means more time to drill down into the important tasks on your plate and less time spent hunting important paperwork or trying to figure out if everything is getting done on time.

Vitralogy’s Virtual Binder

Compliance means keeping up with testing, maintaining a healthy water supply—and having your proof of compliance inspection-ready at all times. Thanks to SmartCompliance’s Virtual Binder, you can carry your Department of Health-approved logbook with you wherever you take your phone or tablet. No more scrambling to remember to bring your logbook from the office to the worksite.

Whether you need documentation for New York City and State legionella compliance, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services water management plan compliance, or another law all together, Vitralogy has you covered. Test results, proof of mitigation, and water management plan, all in one convenient, digital hub.


Vitralogy ensures complete compliance

We designed and built our SmartCompliance cooling tower add-on to follow both ASHRAE 188-2018 and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standards, which means reliable and up-to-date water safety plan implementation no matter the industry you’re in.

Whether you’re a New Yorker who owns one or more cooling towers or you’re a healthcare facility manager in charge of a water safety plan, we’ve got you covered.


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Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is the Chief Technology Officer and driving force behind Vitralogy’s Research and Development. Joe holds a degree in BioChemistry and started his career in Genetic Analysis before being enchanted by the tech boom and eventually building a highly successful Systems Integration company. In 2016 Joe sold his company to join Vitralogy at its earliest stages. With a vast knowledge base and a year of in depth research with leading Legionella Compliance experts including the renowned Special Pathogens Laboratory; Joe has been instrumental in building the Vitralogy platform around the complex and time-sensitive requirements of the law.