The PBS program applies to properties which have one or more tank systems that are designed to store a combined capacity of more than 1,100 gallons or more of petroleum in aboveground and/or underground storage tanks; or one or more underground tank systems that are designed to store 110 or more gallons of petroleum.  

10.4.1. Filing

Facility registration renewal applications must be filed prior to the expiration date on the registration. Registration with the DEC is renewed every five (5) years. However, if you need to update your equipment or make status changes, an application must be filed with the DEC. The same must be done when updating operators change or when ownership is transferred.  

Facilities must be registered within thirty (30) days of a change of ownership. DEC must be notified within thirty (30) days prior to a substantial modification and registrations must be updated within thirty (30) days of that modification.  

The inspector should check to make sure that the: 

  • registration certificate is posted on the premises (the certificate itself states that it must be posted at the tank, at the entrance to the facility, or in the main office of the facility where the tanks are located);
  • certificate is signed by the owner or authorized representative; and 
  • information reflected on the Facility Information Report (FIR) is current and correct (this includes accuracy of ownership, contact information, tank system information, operator, etc.).