To determine whether a storage tank and/or its piping system are leaking. DEC requires using a test that can detect a tank or piping leak of 0.1 gallons per hour (gph) (with a probability of at least 95% and no more than 5% probability of false alarm. 

10.2.1. Scheduling

Subpart 2 UST Suction inspection are every three (3) years, while Subpart 3 UST Systems are inspected Annually.  

Compliance Monitored By  

Subpart 2: USTs regulated by DEC and EPA  

Subpart 3: USTs regulated by DEC only 

10.2.2. Inspection

The test(s) used must detect leaks from the entire tank system component. Tank tests must include the liquid-filled portion of the tank AND the vapor space above the petroleum, while piping tests must include all portions of underground piping (that routinely contain petroleum).  

A failed tightness test indicates a suspected leak, which must be reported to the State Spill Hotline within two (2) hours by the tank owner or the tank operator.