Pool maintenance provider to inspect the operation of the backflow preventor, spa suction, outlets, water chemicals and skin temperatures.  

13.1.1. Scheduling

If the pool is seasonal, its recommended to schedule the annual inspection two months before the pool is opened to the public/residents.  

13.1.2. Inspection

The permit-issuing official and his designated representatives shall have the right of entrance and inspection of any swimming pool facility. The most recent report of inspection shall be available at every pool. Each swimming pool shall be maintained by a pool operator familiar with its equipment. The pool operator shall comply with the regulations in this Subpart and any conditions of the permit. 

All pools larger than 3,000 square feet in surface area, or pools disinfected using gas chlorine, shall be maintained by a qualified swimming pool water treatment operator. 

Complete daily operation records shall be kept of the operation of each swimming pool on forms approved or furnished by the State Commissioner of Health. Upon completion, a copy of such records shall be maintained at the facility for 12 months. The permit-issuing official may require submission of reports at periodic intervals. 

13.1.3. Filing

The requirements for both the Annual Bathing Establishment Permit (Type 41) and the Season Bathing Establishment Permit (Type 42) are the same, but they have different expiration dates and renewal fees. The expiration date for the Annual permit is April 30. The Seasonal Bathing establishment permit expires on November 1 of each year.  

A Renewal Certificate, is mailed to the facility upon expiration of the permit and must be renewed to satisfy the regulatory requirements of the New York City Health Code. Please see the Fee section, below, for additional details