The purpose of the test is to verify that enough pressure can be achieved at the most remote hose connection when the standpipe operates at system demand. 

16.5.1. Scheduling

The only way to perform the test is after a Violation has been issued. Even if the Sprinkler & Standpipe Company knows that the flow test is due, one can’t be performed without the FDNY first issuing a violation. 

16.5.2. Inspection

A flow test must be conducted every 5 years on automatic standpipe systems on all Class I and Class III standpipe systems to verify that the required flow and pressure are available at the hydraulically most remote hose valve outlet(s) wile flowing the standpipe system demand 

16.5.3. Filing

The FDNY Inspector retains the results of the test and provides a copy to the building which must retain a copy to prove compliance of the issued violation.