Local Law 5 requires commercial properties in New York City as occupancy group E, to comply with a Fire Safety Plan. 


  • Fire drill and evacuation procedures
  • Designated Fire Safety Director, Deputy Safety Director and Evacuation Supervisor
  • A fire brigade consisting of qualified building service employees shall be selected, organized, trained, and supervised by the fire safety director.


  • Signs at elevator landings indicating that in case of fire, occupants shall use the stairs unless otherwise instructed. 
  • Floor numbering signs shall be posted and maintained within each stair enclosure on every floor indicating the number of the floor. 
  • Stair and elevator identification signs where each stair and each back of elevators shall be identified by an alphabetical letter. A sign indicating the letter of identification shall be posted and maintained at each elevator landing. 
  • Stair reentry signs posted on each floor within each stair and on the occupancy side of each stair door, where applicable, indicating whether reentry is provided into the building and the floor where such reentry is provided.



3.15.1. Fire Drills

Fire drills shall be conducted, in accordance with the fire safety plan, for new buildings during the first two years after the
issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

Fire drills shall be conducted at least once every six months. The occupants of the building, other than building service employees, shall not be required to leave the floor or use the exits during the drill.

A written record of such drills shall be kept on the premises for a three-year period and
shall be readily available for inspection by the fire department.