Requires building owners in 2020 to display Energy Letter Grades and Benchmarking Scores at the entrance of their buildings in a visible place. The grade will be made up of two components 1) the Energy Star Score [LL84/LL133 benchmarking score] 2) The Energy Grade. 

As for the Energy Grade, it is generated in letters from A to F and will be based on your Energy Star score. Here is the grading system: 

A: 90-100 

 B: 50-89 

 C: 20-49 

 D: 1-19 

 F: This is for buildings which haven’t submitted the benchmarking reports 

 N: This grade implies that the building has been released from benchmarking or is not covered by the Energy Star program. 

Thus, according to LL33, all residential and commercial buildings over 25.000 square feet will receive an energy efficiency score. The basis of this new law is Local Law 84 or the Benchmarking law. 

3.4.1. Scheduling

Your retained Administrator should have the necessary LL84 Benchmark information prior to the LL84 deadline. Once your benchmarking data is filed the energy score will be available in the Fall.  

3.4.2. Steps to Compliance

1. Submit benchmarking data by May 1 of every year.
2. The energy efficiency grade will be made available by the NYC Department of Buildings through the Building Energy Efficiency Rating label every year on October 1.
3. Print and display the label in a conspicuous location near each public entrance within 30 days after October 1st every year.