Local Law 55 is monitored by Housing Preservation & Development (HPD), which requires all multiple-dwelling property owners in NYC to investigate and remove all indoor health hazards which trigger asthma, like mold, rodents, and cockroaches. Landlords must also apply safe and successful measures to ensure that their properties remain free of indoor health hazards. 

As a landlord, you have two primary calls to action for compliance with Local Law 55 – investigate and remediate. 


3.5.1. Scheduling

You are required to initiate an investigation once a year. You must also perform an investigation whenever it is deemed necessary, such as when an occupant complains about a condition that may cause an indoor allergen hazard, when an occupant requests an inspection, or when the DOB issues a notice of violation or violation order. 

3.5.2. Inspection

For all indoor allergen hazards in occupied units and in common areas of your building(s), as well as conditions that are conducive to allergen hazards.  

HPD is required to: 

  • Conduct inspections in a timely manner for mold and pest complaints. 
  • During every apartment inspection, ask whether there is mold, mice, roaches, or rats, and issue violations as appropriate. 
  • Reinspect all Class B violations if the violation has not been certified as corrected by the owner. 
  • Notify both owners and tenants about the issuance of mold, mice, roaches, or rat violations. 

Any indoor allergen hazard condition found must be immediately corrected. Certification of Correction by licensed professionals must be obtained and promptly submitted to the DOB. 

To clean 10 or more square feet of mold in a building with 10 or more apartments, landlords must use a New York State Department of Labor–licensed mold assessor and remediator. These licensed workers must comply with New York City Administrative Code section 24-154 and New York State Labor Law Article 32. 

3.5.3. Filing

Provide a copy of this fact sheet and a notice with each tenant’s lease that clearly states the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities to keep the building free of indoor allergens. As of 05/01/2020 penalties can be up to $10,000.