New York Local Law 84 is legislation that forms part of the existing energy laws, is monitored for compliance by the Department of Building (DOB). This law covers buildings larger than 25,000 square feet within New York City.  owners are required to annually measure their energy and water consumption in a process called benchmarking. This data informs building owners about a building’s energy and water consumption compared to similar buildings, and tracks progress year over year to help in energy efficiency planning. 


3.7.1. Scheduling

Building owners can benchmark themselves or retain a consultant to file on their behalf.  

The annual benchmarking process consists of the following steps: 

3.7.2. Filing

Benchmarking filing deadline is May 1st. Usage data for the building is filed electronically through the DOB Portfolio Manager portal. 

Failure to submit a Benchmarking report by May 1, will result in penalty as of 05/01/2020 range from about $500.00 up to $2000.00 per year.