Performed on water hydraulic elevators every three years from date of installation. Note, very few of these elevators are still operating in NYC. 

Water hydraulic devices were popular at the turn of the 20th century, but were eventually replaced with electric systems and phased out by 1999. 

5.3.1. Scheduling

The inspection must be performed every 3 years from date of installation. Inspection to be scheduled with the Elevator Company and 3rd Party Witness, not affiliated with the elevator company performing the test.  We recommend scheduling the inspection three (3) months in advance of the filing deadline. 

5.3.2. Inspection

The inspection of the elevator water pump and safety components located in the elevator machine room and passenger car. 

5.3.3. Filing

Test report for must be submitted within 60 calendar days of the date of inspection. If defects are noted in the report, the defect is to be corrected within 120 days of the date of inspection and an Affirmation of Correction filed within 60 days from the date the defect is corrected.