Door Lock Monitoring (DLM) is a safety measure that prevents elevators from moving if there is a problem with the circuitry and/or if the doors do not close properly. All automatic passenger and freight elevators were required to install a system to monitor and prevent automatic operation with faulty door contact circuits by January 1, 2020. The installation project generally takes 3 months (90 days).

It is very likely that if your elevator (passenger or freight) was installed before 2009 it does not have the necessary circuitry for the new regulation. These elevators are the ones that will require a full door lock monitoring system upgrade which typically cost $13,000+ per DLM. Elevators that only require a microchip-software can expect a quote starting at $5,000+.


5.3.1. Scheduling

For all elevators that are going to be modernized, which will be the vast majority, that window is approximately two (2) years to either obtain a proposal from the incumbent elevator contractor or bid out a full modernization of the elevator(s) with consultant written specifications. The entire process will take one (1) year from inception to completion and if there are multiple elevators, could take up to two (2) years or more to complete. Also of note, the majority of elevator companies and elevator manufacturers will be inundated with requests to meet this update, so better to plan ahead.

5.3.2. Filing

The annual Category 1 inspection will include certification that the DLM was installed. Non-compliance will result in a rejected CAT1. The Department of Building will issue OATH Summonses to building owners for elevator devices that are not in compliance with DLM requirements after the January 1, 2020 deadline. These devices will be subject to follow-up inspections and additional violations if they remain non-compliant. The Department will take enforcement actions against non-compliant owners based on different types of inspections, including but not limited to:  Category 1 Annual Inspection, Periodic inspections (PVT), and Complaint inspections.