During the annual inspection, extinguishers are recharged, and inspected for proper operation. The FDNY regulates the number, type, and placement of the portable fire extinguishers that are required for any building.   


9.1.1. Scheduling

You should only use companies that have been issued a certificate by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). This certificate is called a “portable fire extinguisher servicing company” certificate.  

9.1.2. Inspection

On 10/31/2018 the FDNY required the use of the new PFE Tags which reflects a hologram strip and a COF Stamp.

The portable extinguisher should be inspected monthly by an onsite employee but also once a year by a certified FDNY vendor to perform any maintenance, recharging, and/or testing that is required by NFPA 10.

Every 5 years the extinguisher should be completely emptied and hydrostatically tested by an approved testing authority. The year that test was completed should also be indicated on the maintenance tag.