Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Keeping your tenants happy is your first priority - That's difficult with the complexity of compliance and limited resources

How do you coordinate, communicate and collaborate on complex compliance projects and manage routine maintenance without it taking over your day?

SmartCompliance is the only project management platform specifically designed for NYC Local Law compliance. It can automate the scheduling of needed inspections, foster collaboration through email and text links while digitally cataloging all relevant paperwork.

SmartSync - Your link to quicker updates

With SmartSync your team doesn’t need to worry about remembering yet another login to a platform they don’t have time to check. They can correspond via email or texts to update you on the project, upload documentation and communicate with vendors about specific compliance project.

How SmartCompliance Can Help:

  • Get step-by-step guidance on all your compliance projects with our Project Time Horizons
  • Communicate and collaborate with staff and vendors without having to login with SmartSync
  • Collect and catalogue documentation in a secured Virtual File Cabinet

Residential Maintenance - Redefined.

Turn simple data into actionable information.

SmartRounds is your facility maintenance platform for assigning and tracking routine and unplanned maintenance. You can schedule routine walkthroughs for the team to perform in common areas, auto-generate follow-up tasks for deficiencies found throughout the building including in-unit issues. Your focus is keeping your tenants happy while ensuring that you stay within budget. By verifying and documenting that routine maintenance is performed, you can use the data from this to identify patterns in your building that ensures your building is always in top shape.

Remediation - Solve issues, don't just make note of them

With Remediation, you can auto-generate and assign follow-up work orders that address issues found throughout the building. You’ll not only know about the deficiency, but you will be able to make sure corrective actions were taken and documented every step of the way.

How SmartRounds Can Help:
  • Schedule routine maintenance for your staff through the Mobile App or Web Platform
  • Generate follow-up work orders to address found issues with remediation
  • Review completed, partial and outstanding tasks with automated summary reports

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Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is the Chief Technology Officer and driving force behind Vitralogy’s Research and Development. Joe holds a degree in BioChemistry and started his career in Genetic Analysis before being enchanted by the tech boom and eventually building a highly successful Systems Integration company. In 2016 Joe sold his company to join Vitralogy at its earliest stages. With a vast knowledge base and a year of in depth research with leading Legionella Compliance experts including the renowned Special Pathogens Laboratory; Joe has been instrumental in building the Vitralogy platform around the complex and time-sensitive requirements of the law.