Happy Holidays from Vitralogy - 2020

2020. It’s been quite a tough year, to say the least, dealing with the COVID pandemic, civil unrest, and riots in the street, quarantines, and shutdowns. Nearly everyone has been or knows someone affected by these events. With all that has already happened this year, it’s not a stretch that some might find it hard getting into the holiday season.

But when you can’t see the positive in the world, it’s important to create that positivity for yourself and share it with others. As human beings we all saw the major impact COVID-19 has had on society, so we wanted to do something about it and put some positivity back into the holidays. Taking this message to heart, as a company Vitralogy decided to start a voluntary initiative to give back to our neighbors and community in any way that we could.

We had a great response and our employees did some wonderful things to make the season brighter: Some chose to volunteer for ‘Be My Eyes’ service, a non-profit group that developed an app that helps the vision-impaired find assistance instantly via their mobile application. Others supported ‘Toys for Tots’ by donating toys & games that will go to children in need around the country. While a few went out and found families that requested assistance this Christmas due to COVID, and sent gifts to make that family’s Christmas a little brighter. We also made a charitable donation to ROAR – Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants, a non-profit that is helping restaurant workers around NYC, on behalf of all our clients.

Personally, I was in the camp of sending gifts to a needy family that requested help this holiday season. As someone who never really gave much thought to donating during the holidays, with the exception of a few dollars dropped into Santa’s Salvation Army bucket around Christmas, I was really inspired by the generosity of my coworkers and felt I should do something to help this year. When I told the family that was going to receive my donation what to be expecting in the next few days she broke down into tears, telling me about the difficulties they had been going through and how much this meant to her and her children. When I think about it, I may have sent that family a gift in the form of a Playstation 4 but she gave me something much more valuable: She restored my faith in the human spirit.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what was donated or the name of the organization they helped support. What truly matters is the simple act of doing something to help another person. The holidays give us hope and inspire us to be kind to others. That may not seem like much, but when someone’s struggling and feeling alone, it can be the biggest thing in the world. That’s the magic of the holiday season and with all that has happened this past year, the world can use more of this kind of magic.

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