Our Passion Drives Us

In the summer of 2015, New York City was the center of one of the worst Legionnaires’ outbreaks in U.S. history, with 138 confirmed cases and 16 deaths.

In response, both the city and state implemented laws based on ASHRAE 188 standards requiring owners to test and maintain their cooling towers in order to prevent the spread of legionella bacteria.

Now, in addition to existing facility maintenance requirements, every commercial building in New York City with cooling towers was suddenly required to add another set of processes. Property owners were given little time to develop and implement a process for accurately collecting and securely storing data from weekly water tests and making it readily available for frequent inspections or face heavy fines.

Enter Vitralogy

Phil D’Amelia and Joe McEvoy, CEO and CTO of Vitralogy, know how to design and build things that work.

With backgrounds in mechanical engineering and biochemistry, respectively, they possessed the perfect set of complementary skills to help building owners deal with this new and unfamiliar set of requirements.


In the wake of the Legionella outbreak in NYC, the additional regulations that were passed just added to the already overwhelming amount of information that facility managers and building engineers had to deal with. Phil and Joe realized they had two distinct but related problems that needed solving. First, how could they make it easier for engineers to record all the data they collect during their regular rounds. Second, how could they make sure the information they were capturing is stored accurately and is easily accessible at inspection time. With the threat of significant fines, pen and paper was just too risky.

As interest grew in Vitralogy’s solutions, organizations outside of the commercial and residential real estate industries began to take notice. Companies in the Life Sciences and Hospitality industries started to inquire about how they might leverage Vitralogy’s solutions to bring more accountability and efficiency to their facility management operations. Vitralogy’s growing software development team focused on expanding the set of features to meet the unique needs of companies from a variety of different industries, while the Customer Support teams actively engaged customers to gain insight into new areas where Vitralogy could add value or existing solutions could be improved.

Introduction Vitralogy leverages the power of AI to revolutionize document classification, bolstering compliance and efficiency. With rapid key element identification, our platform enables seamless tracking