An Easier Way to Manage Your Rounds Data

Save time performing routine inspection tests and automatically storing your rounds data with one easy-to use app. SmartRounds is easy to use, putting all the critical information at your fingertips and automatically stored in a digital binder that is accessible 24/7

Purpose-built for the Way Your Team Works

Designed to save you time by making it easy to perform routine inspection tests. The interface is intuitive and  simple to navigate, making it easy to find and enter relevant inspection data.


SmartRounds organizes your data so you can easily locate reports in a digital binder configured to match your facility’s floors & assets, making it easy to record the data and complete their rounds faster and more accurately than ever.

  • Rounds data is organized by each shift and facility.
  • Readings are summarized and automatically logged to your digital binder.
  • Identify issues from comments showing the issue and corrective measures.
  • Integrates with internal workflows to organize and visualize building rounds.

Allows you to group and track readings across multiple meters from different pieces of equipment across multiple locations. Allows your engineers to just focus on taking meter readings, while consumption reports are automatically generated and sent to property and asset managers. 

  • Breaks down consumption by meter, per month, across the entire year 
  • Simplifies and ensures accuracy in the billback process
  • Applicable to electrical, oil, gas, & water meters

Enjoy instant access to your digital binder right on your smartphone or tablet. All of your rounds information is securely stored and configured to match the layout of your facilities so it’s easy to find.

  • All docs rendered in high definition and easy to read on your mobile device
  • Ability to review multiple documents simultaneously
  • Multiple document formats supported, including (PDFs, Excel)

Improves the communication between shifts to ensure full awareness of tasks completed, tasks remaining, issues resolved, issues to monitor

  • Alerts generated when thresholds are exceeded
  • Allows actions to be assigned
  • Provides ability provide comments for explanation
  • Issues carry over from shift to shift until resolves

Makes it simple and effortless for your engineering team to provide status on work completed and allows them to complete their rounds faster and with greater accuracy

  • Instant access to the information you need
  • Ability to see historical data in a single view
  • Configure data to be specific to role