Introducing Automated Binder Management

Designed specifically to support Virtual Legionella Compliance, our Smart solutions seamlessly integrate with your current process to effortlessly record and file all critical reports. 

Our SmartRounds mobile app expedites the data collection process and stores your rounds data in our DOH accepted SmartBinder, which automatically notifies you when critical records are missing.

Eliminate paperwork, printing, hole-punching and filing

Introducing Automated Binder Management that eliminates paperwork, printing, hole-punching and filing for your Cooling Tower

All or your compliance information is secured and organized in a digital binder that contains detailed measurement & maintenance logs, issues reports, dates & time stamps and remediation tracking. 

  • All rounds data is organized by shift and facility
  • Readings are organized and automatically logged to your digital binder
  • Notifications are sent when inspection reports are past due date

Our mobile app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets and allows you to access or input data to your digital binder 24/7

  • Receive weekly text reminders with links for entering dip slide data and other measurements
  • Easily navigate all documents rendered in high definition 
  • Multiple document formats supported

Reduces the time and effort required to perform the daily and weekly readings and generate reports monitoring the levels of:

  • PH
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Free Chlorine

QR codes placed on towers and in your office provide you with direct access to all your documentation

  • Receive notifications when your QR codes are scanned
  • Access and navigate through multiple years of data with a single scan
  • Access to specific data sets is configurable by role and organization

For Total Peace of Mind, we offer weekly onsite services. Ask your water treatment representative about the options that are best for you.