Making Compliance Easy

The SmartBinder solution is your centralized system of record that saves you time and provides peace of mind. All of your rounds data and important documentation is automatically stored in an inspection-ready digital binder that is configured to present data the way you are used to seeing it.

Rounds Data & Important Documentation Made Easy

We provide peace of mind by helping you stay organized, by giving you the tools to automate document management and keeping you aware, by notifying you when critical documentation is missing.

SmartBinder uses AI and machine learning to assist you classifying your documents based on a set of recurring themes and elements common across all of your documentation, including:

  • Document type
  • Date of service
  • Location & references
  • Associated asset

SmartBinder makes it easy for you to set classification parameters that recognize information in multiple formats , such as keywords or images, wherever they exist in your documentation, including:

  • Email subject line or From field
  • Body of email
  • Embedded in attached document
  • In the filename of attachment

All or your compliance information secured and organized in a digital binder that contains detailed measurement & maintenance logs, issues reports, dates & time stamps and remediation tracking. All data is seamlessly updated and always accessible to inspectors, including regulatory bodies such as:

  • Department of Health
  • Joint Commission
  • FDNY

Upon scanning a code the user is recognized and immediately sent a link, via email or text, that opens the specific folders and files associated with the users contact info. Additional benefits include:

  • Receive notifications when your QR codes are scanned
  • Access and navigate through multiple years of data with a single scan
  • Access to specific data sets is configurable by role and organization

Provides access to entire documents rendered in high resolution, making previously unreadable documents easy to review on any smartphone or tablet . Navigate within documents and across separate files without having to click through multiple links. Supported formats include:

  • PDFs
  • Excel