Intelligent Operational Technology
for the Modern Facility

Manage your facility’s compliance and maintenance with the devices and systems you already use.

Your building’s management, engineering and maintenance teams are busy with compliance projects, equipment monitoring and maintenance rounds. You need a way to track and communicate the work being done on-site quickly and easily.

With Vitralogy’s solutions your team can combine the power of our customizable mobile-app, our built-in decision logic and sync with your email, calendar and texts to be able to manage, execute and document your compliance and maintenance processes – whether you manage a Class A building, an entire portfolio or a healthcare facility.

Reimagine compliance. Take control of the entire process and redefine how you manage building portfolio’s projects. Get your team excited about the future and give them practical tools that will help them along the way.
SmartCompliance Tools

Stay ahead of ever-changing local laws
to avoid violations and fines.

  •  Knowing filing dates is one thing, understanding each step to take and when best to take them is another – Follow our Project Time Horizons to always know what is the next step in the process

  •  Property Managers don’t have time to constantly update spreadsheets: Use Texts, Emails and Calendar links with our SmartSync technology

  •  Compliance Managers, Property Managers, Supers, Vendors – Everyone plays a role in the compliance process. Communicate with them through Texts and Emails using SmartCollaboration and spend less time following up, chasing down documents and update

  •  Sharing relevant documentation throughout the organization leads to a proliferation of folders – Upload documents to our Virtual File Cabinet so everyone has access to the categorized information in a one centralized location

Turn the data your engineers are gathering into actionable information.

  • Daily rounds are a staple of an engineer’s day, as are paper log sheets; Take advantage of the smartphone or tablet they are already carrying around to take your readings digitally

  • Your engineers can catch things the BAS never will; Let them generate follow-up jobs for any deficiency they find with our Remediation Service Requests

  • There is valuable insights to be gleaned from the readings the engineers take; Quickly trend and compare multiple readings with our SmartGraphing to prevent breakdowns and proactively diagnose issues

  • What happens on any shift is important to know for the next; Communicate important information automatically with your crew using Summary Reports scheduled after each shift

We work with companies across industries:


Your patients’ health depends on your facility’s health.


Commercial Real Estate

Streamline your operations to create a productive environment and support your building’s success.


Residential Real Estate

Keep your tenants happy by keeping your facilities running smoothly.



Ensure that every building system within your campus is meticulously maintained and documented.


Data Centers

Keep your servers running to keep the digital world running.


…And More

Whether you’re in charge of engineering rounds at an amusement park, or you’re the superintendent of a mid-sized school district that needs to universalize maintenance throughout the district, Vitralogy can help. SmartRounds and SmartCompliance are customizable, meaning that you can keep track of whatever tasks may arise in whatever industry.


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Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is the Chief Technology Officer and driving force behind Vitralogy’s Research and Development. Joe holds a degree in BioChemistry and started his career in Genetic Analysis before being enchanted by the tech boom and eventually building a highly successful Systems Integration company. In 2016 Joe sold his company to join Vitralogy at its earliest stages. With a vast knowledge base and a year of in depth research with leading Legionella Compliance experts including the renowned Special Pathogens Laboratory; Joe has been instrumental in building the Vitralogy platform around the complex and time-sensitive requirements of the law.