Reimagine how building maintenance gets done.

Your engineers are the most qualified to monitor and maintain your building’s equipment. Like most, your engineers do daily rounds to catch things the BAS does not; But like many you are trapping valuable data on paper log sheets and dealing with illegible handwriting, pencil whipping, skipped rounds, and missed warning signs.

It’s time to be smart about engineering rounds.

Instead of juggling clipboards and paper log sheets – A mobile application built to collect, analyze, and store all the data recorded by your building operators throughout the facility.

Instead of pencil whipping or skipped rounds - Accountability and verification of presence in front of the equipment.

NFC tagging technology allows you to create exact timestamped records while your engineers are performing their daily equipment checks. Identify specific equipment and setup room checkpoints while auto-displaying the relevant data forms on your crew’s devices, all they need to do is just bring their phone/tablet next to the Vitralogy NFC tag.

You trust your engineers to maintain your building and it’s equipment. Adding presence verification leads to gains in efficiency and accountability – While allowing you to start analyzing response times from your crew.

Instead of thumbing through a paper binder full of past readings - Instant graphs to compare historical trends.

SmartRounds is a mobile app and web portal that makes it easy for the engineers to capture data during their daily rounds and even easier for you to review, verify and trend the data to turn it into actionable information.

With asset tagging, comparative graphing, and remediation service requests our platform supports your engineers’ daily routine. It will keep track of your maintenance routines – whether for boilers, chillers, AHUs, etc., and no matter whether you oversee a commercial tower, hospital, or university campus.

Make It Easy

Built For Building Engineers

Most applications from your CMMS aren’t designed with the engineers in mind – they are setup for work orders, not daily rounds. Our app was designed to make it easy for the engineers to enter their readings and add comments and photos to their records.

Trust But Verify

Transparent Accountability

You trust your engineers to take the readings from the gauges, you just want to be able to verify when they were in front of the equipment. Leverage our SmartTagging to tag specific pieces of equipment or mechanical rooms so you’ll know exactly when the engineer was there.

Turn Data Into Action

Leverage The Past For The Future

The readings you’re taking aren’t just busy work, it gives you insight into the health of your equipment. But who has the time to pour over paper log sheets in a binder to identify trends? Use our SmartGraphing feature to compare readings over time, across different assets and against outside elements to better diagnose current and potential issues quicker.

Catch What Only An Engineer Can

Rely On Your Professionals, Not Sensors

When your engineers do rounds they are doing more than just taking readings – they are seeing, hearing, smelling and even feeling potential issues in your plant. Let them communicate these deficiencies by creating remediation service requests that are shared with the rest of the team.

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Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is the Chief Technology Officer and driving force behind Vitralogy’s Research and Development. Joe holds a degree in BioChemistry and started his career in Genetic Analysis before being enchanted by the tech boom and eventually building a highly successful Systems Integration company. In 2016 Joe sold his company to join Vitralogy at its earliest stages. With a vast knowledge base and a year of in depth research with leading Legionella Compliance experts including the renowned Special Pathogens Laboratory; Joe has been instrumental in building the Vitralogy platform around the complex and time-sensitive requirements of the law.